The New Formula for the success of Incentives: Unique Antistress Resorts

When a company organizes an incentive trip, it aims to stimulate participants to become a group and instill them values and messages that represents its personality and identity. To maintain the attention of participants it is necessary to surprise them with location, activities and circumstances that are beyond their usual routine: maximum comfort, uncommon places, shows, unconventional or adrenaline activities ... all these factors help to achieve the objective.

The incentives have another particular effect on participants: the reduction or absence of professional commitments, the leisure and recreational activities, local surroundings – whether sea or mountain, comfort, social occasions, the fact that there are no professional responsibilities during the event ... act substantially on the body and mind of participants, contributing to assure complete relax and consequently to eliminate stress.

Neurosciences confer indications of fundamental importance: the efficiency and productivity of individuals increase considerably and immediately after moments of stress regeneration, contrary to the previous (and incorrect) stereotypes that stated that the maximum efficiency is achieved when over loaded with work, without a break.

Relax All Inclusive is the first international travel club to have recognized the importance of such need of companies, thus creating Unique Antistress Resorts in the world ... a selection of exclusive hotels and resorts with perfect destinations to comply this requirement.

In addition to the antistress offer of which they have in common, each property proposes innovative attractive features ... luxury, mystery, antiques, gourmet, art, culture, nature, history, golf ...

The secret of this magic formula, beyond its uniqueness, is given by the human factor. Employees are the first ambassadors for the antistress message and greatly the success is due to them. They are carefully selected, thoroughly trained and educated in the relaxation and antistress philosophy. As a result, they are constantly able to satisfy immediately all customer needs; their smiles and calm tone of voices are the key factors in raising the level of relaxation ... for this reason many important companies choose these resorts for their incentive trips.

For the most important requests, for the most demanding clients and for any extraordinary event discover Unique Antistress Resorts in the world and live a unique experience.

Presently there are 14 certified resorts in the club, led by the italian Iberotel Apulia Antistress Resort, flagship in Salento (Southern Italy) on the beautiful Ionian Sea. This is where is based Antistress Academy, point of reference and planning of new hotel activities.