Antistress Academy

The Antistress Academy is the official academy of the Unique Antistress Resorts in the World and is presently based in Vivosa Apulia Resort, Ugento in Southern Italy.
Here takes place the planning of new events and activities, seminars, training sessions, etc...

Antistress Academy is the guide to wellness, which assembles and explains the different technique, methods used in pursuit of relaxation. This useful resource allows you to understand and try out the most innovative activities such as the Relaxation Bioenergetics, Lifting Gym, Reiki, Antigravity Yoga and much more, on a path that will enrich your knowledge and your well-being.

Antistress Academy

Unique Antistress Quality®

The Antistress Academy has organised in Vivosa Apulia Resort –the first antistress resort in the world-
a workshop with international guests and speakers to share and define the new brand "Unique Antistress Quality" guidelines... the first system which certifies employees with a wellness and guaranteed antistress company policy.
An Innovative brand with huge impact that improves performance, organisational climate and gratification.
"A custom-made wellness for companies!"

  • Unique Antistress Quality
  • Unique Antistress Quality
  • Unique Antistress Quality
  • Unique Antistress Quality
  • Unique Antistress Quality
  • Unique Antistress Quality
A proposal of physical and mind activities to improve team work productivity and stress levels, by boosting your energy.
A program that brings together antistress laboratories, workshops, seminars, embracing oriental arts, eco-sports, food therapy and cultural music.
An opportunity to inspire and motivate your company through mindfulness teaching by the Antistress Academy Team to achieve business professional goal.

Lifting gym

Lifting gym, gym for your face.
The method of facial gymnastics LIFTING GYM® is a practice made up of about 40 different exercises designed to individually work the muscles of the face.


Reiki is part of the ancient Japanese arts, is a technique of holistic wellness that was introduced in 1922 by Master Mikao Usui. It is based mainly on self-meditation, through the use of the hands, for the transmission of energy.

Antigravity yoga

The antigravity yoga is the new frontier of yoga that aims to provide numerous benefits to the body and mind. An idea introduced by American born Christopher Harrison, gymnast and dancer, who in 1990 in New York, founded his company "Antigravity".