The Brando

Teti'aroa Private Island, French Polynesia

The exquisite Polynesian atoll of Tetiaroa, located just 30 miles northeast of Tahiti, has always been a place of utter beauty and tranquility.
Surrounded by the great blue expanse of the South Pacific, The Brando is unique in the world in concept and scope, combining stunning environmental purity, luxury, sustainability and a remarkable historical and cultural legacy. It is a world apart ... where past and present exist as one.
Marlon Brando first came to Tetiaroa while filming Mutiny on the Bounty and was immediately enchanted by the island that became one of his personal retreat. He was passionate about preserving its cultural richness, natural beauty and incredible biodiversity. He wanted the world to know and love Polynesia and its people the way he did. He dreamed of finding a way for Tetiaroa to serve as a model for the world. The Brando is that dream brought to life.
The Brando also offers the Varua Polynesian Spa, a natural haven of serenity overlooking a lily pond. It offers the finest holistic treatments inspired by ancient Polynesian traditions coupled with modern techniques. The Spa features steam baths, a tea and relaxation lounge, a yoga shelter and a Spa suite for couples.

Unique luxury resort on French Polynesia's breathtaking beautiful private island of Tetiaroa.

Place of stunning beauty, tranquility and rejuvenation ... first for Tahitian royalty who chose this island above all others for their summer retreat ... later for Marlon Brando who chose it for his personal sanctuary.

Carefree luxury in the midst of pristine nature with access to the island by private plane. The resort features white sand beaches, swaying coconutpalms, exotic birds and abundant marine life.

Plenty of activities are available from bicycling, swimming, bird watching, sailing or paddle boarding to a neighboring island and snorkeling or diving with tropical fish.